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How to Download and Use SCPH 90000 BIOS 14 for PlayStation Emulators

How to Download and Use SCPH 90000 BIOS 14 for PlayStation Emulators

If you want to play PlayStation games on your PC, you will need a PlayStation emulator and a BIOS file. A BIOS file is a copy of the firmware that runs on the console, and it is required for the emulator to boot up and run the games. However, not all BIOS files are compatible with all emulators, and some may be illegal to use depending on your region and the source of the file.

One of the BIOS files that you may encounter is SCPH 90000 BIOS 14, which is a BIOS file for the PlayStation 2 model SCPH-90000. This model was released in Japan in 2007, and it was the last revision of the PlayStation 2 before it was discontinued in 2013. The SCPH 90000 BIOS 14 file has some features that make it desirable for some emulators, such as improved compatibility with some games, faster loading times, and reduced noise and heat output.

scph 90000 bios 14

However, before you download and use SCPH 90000 BIOS 14, you should be aware of some drawbacks and risks. First of all, SCPH 90000 BIOS 14 is not compatible with all PlayStation emulators, and some may require a different BIOS file to work properly. For example, PCSX2, one of the most popular PlayStation 2 emulators, does not support SCPH 90000 BIOS 14, and you will need to use a different BIOS file such as SCPH-70012 or SCPH-75004. You can check the compatibility list of PCSX2 here[^1^].

Secondly, SCPH 90000 BIOS 14 may not be legal to use in your region, depending on the copyright laws and the source of the file. In general, it is illegal to download a BIOS file from the internet, unless you own the original console and have dumped the file yourself. However, some websites may offer SCPH 90000 BIOS 14 for download without permission from Sony, which could get you into trouble if you use it. Therefore, you should only download SCPH 90000 BIOS 14 from a trusted and legal source, such as PSXDEV[^2^], which is a website dedicated to PlayStation development and preservation.

Finally, SCPH 90000 BIOS 14 may not work well with some games, especially those that were released after the model was discontinued. Some games may have compatibility issues or glitches with SCPH 90000 BIOS 14, or they may require a newer version of the BIOS file to run properly. Therefore, you should always check the compatibility list of your emulator and the game before using SCPH 90000 BIOS 14.

If you have decided to use SCPH 90000 BIOS 14 for your PlayStation emulator, here are the steps to download and use it:

  • Go to PSXDEV[^2^] and find the download link for SCPH-90001_BIOS_V18_USA_230 (NTSC) [^3^]. This is a dump of SCPH 90000 BIOS 14 from a USA model of PlayStation 2.

  • Download the ZIP file and extract it to a folder on your PC.

  • Inside the folder, you will find several files with different extensions. The one you need is SCPH-90001_BIOS_V18_USA_230.ROM0, which is the actual BIOS file.

  • Copy or move this file to the BIOS folder of your emulator. The location of this folder may vary depending on your emulator, but usually it is in the same directory as the emulator executable or in a subfolder named bios.

  • Launch your emulator and go to the settings or configuration menu. Find the option to select or change the BIOS file and choose SCPH-90001_BIOS_V18_USA_230.ROM0 from the list.

  • Save your settings and restart your emulator if needed.

  • You can now load and play PlayStation games using SCPH 90000 BIOS 14.

Note: Some emulators may require additional steps or settings to use SCPH 90000 BIOS 14 correctly. Please refer to the documentation or support page of your emulator for more details.

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